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Christoph Lipphart

AI Programmer @ SplashDamage

 Flat 70, William House
 Ringer's Road
 Bromley, BR1 1AG
 United Kingdom
  +44 (0) 7481 577 327


Glad you made it here!

Following are some facts about me. Don't hesitate to mail me if you have any question.

My Background

20130412006_0.jpeg My roots are in Styria, the green province of Austria. My parents have a restaurant called Zur alten Mühle. In my childhood I learned how to serve our guests best. At this time my favorite hobby was to capture a lot of events and wanted to become a big film director in Hollywood.

I went to BORG Feldbach from 2004 to 2008 where I focused on graphic design and had the possibility to shoot two short movies with my class. A greate experience was to manage the live shooting of three musicals which where organized by the school. While the musical I captured the close-up views. Afterwards I edited the final movie where I synchronized all three cameras to the live recorded audio.

In this time I also got in touch with programming in Visual Basic and wrote some little tools and first games for my computer. I taught me enougth skills in programming that I was able to include topics from software engeneering in my final exam although I never had a course how to programm.

University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg

The best fit for my skills in shooting films and implementing tools was the bachelor degree program of Media Technology and Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Austria.

Media Technology and Design

In three years of getting a bachelor of science I extend widely my basic programming skills and learned how to implement in Java and C++. I never gave up getting a film director. But except shoot real movies I started to narrate stories in digital interactive media, the games.

To continue using the magic number 3, in the 3 years of my degree programm I actualized 3 games. Betreten Verboten!, Bubble Shooter Extended and Jaro.

Interactive Media

But three years of studying weren't enough for me, so I decided to stay in Hagenberg and make the master degree in Interactive Media.

Second Screen Gaming Framework

In my master's thesis I created a Second Screen Gaming Framework. I called the project Seccoplay and a little video tech demo is online. If you're interested in it feel free to follow this link to see the video and get more information about it! 

My GamesAbstracts of my main responsibilities

  • Zombie AI with Behavior Tree
  • Data Driven Game Object Components and States
    • Armour Component
    • Collision Component
    • Threat Indication Component
    • Generic Animation State
    • Move, Shoot, Attack States
    • Dodge Behaviour
    • ...
  • Weapon Zoom and zoomed movement
  • Setup of new art pipeline using python and batch scripts
  • Player Controls
  • Input Handling
  • Level Editor
    • Complex layer based system; each layer has its own parallax effect and can be set invisible or half transparent
    • Undo-Redo functionality
    • Selection and Manipulation of multiple objects at once
  • Second Screen Integration with SeccoPlay
  • Art design of characters and gameworld
    • using a Bamboo tablet and Photoshop
  • Programmed fall-down animations of the ingredients into the cauldron
  • GUI programming
  • Bubble shooting algorithm
    • lets bubbles smoothly fit into holes
    • bouncing behaviour of touched bubbles
    • calculation of the physics and collisons of bubbles
  • Rendering using OpenGL (Java library Jogl
  • Font Rendering using sprite sheets
  • Sprite Sheet Animations
  • VisionFont: Font texture creator written in Visual Basic
  • Grid Decorations: developed an algorithm which automatically detects the corners of the grid-based terrain and draws blue decorations at the outlines on each side
  • post-processing shaders
    • liquid shader - simulates water movement in the test tubes
    • magnifying effect - emphasise the checkpoints
  • Inventory System, Dialogue System and easy Scripting - this allows e.g. an AI character during a dialogue to check if the player has an item or to add something to his or her inventory
  • 3D meshes and animations in xis
  • Painting on a Texture2D in Unity
  • User Interface Programming
  • Audio Design
  • Camera Setup
  • Player Steering
  • Target Selection (for Shooting)
  • Shooting
    • Algorithm for smooth ball movement around the circles
    • Complete programming in Visual Basic
    • Different bomb types: mines, remote controlled bombs ...
    • Multiplayer: for a maximum of 4 players
    • Complete Programming in Visual Basic
    • Network communication between client and server
    • Gameplay and game logic
    • Sprite Sheet Animations

    My ProjectsFind out what I've done in each project

    • Service-based core system
    • Render system using OpenGL ES
      • two different data structures: a flat list which is sorted depending on an order number and a node based tree to define the transformation hierarchy
    • platform facade and implementation for each platform(iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Services: AnimationService, ViewManager, CameraSystem, TimerSystem, NetworkManager, AdventureSystem (inventory, dialogues and basic scripting functionalities), Resource System ...
    • Creation of a separate thread for loading resources
    • Integration of libraries
    • Generic binding function system
    • Logging into filterable, well-structured HTML
    • Design decisions and extensions of services
    • Integration of Lua
    • Designing the webpage
    • Front end programming
    • Displaying data in editable forms
    • Network Communication
    • Secco protocol, interfaces which enable communication between the engine and the second screen app
    • Secco SDK - can be integrated into any engine to enable usage of the Secco app
    • Embedded Lua into xis
    • Inserting a geometry shader step into the render pipeline of the xis
    • C++ project setup
    • User Interface
    • Controls: Select and bow each bone using keyboard shortcuts
    • Heavy usage of pushMatrix and popMatrix for bowing the bones relative to the jained bones of one finger
    • Preconfigured poses: Automatic animation of all bones at once to the positions defined by the selected pose.
    • Design
    • Drupal Views for showing the menus