Seccoplay is second screen app for games. It is the master thesis project of Christoph Lipphart. It allows to have one Second Screen App for multiple games which includes the provided SDK.

How it's done

Seccoplay SDK can be included in the main game which connects to Seccoplay on a mobile device within the same network. Each game installs a Subroutine (a resource package containing media files and lua scripts for logic behavior) on the Seccoplay. 

Inventories, Quests list, additional story information or interactive puzzles which has to be solved in Seccoplay can be created using the power of Lua scripting.

Seccoplay uses the xis-engine to bring best gaming performance to mobile device and lets you create any kind of second screen experiences for your game.

Accomplished Missions


  • Network Communication
  • Secco protocol, interfaces which enable communication between the engine and the second screen app
  • Secco SDK - can be integrated into any engine to enable usage of the Secco app
  • Embedded Lua into xis
Project Infos
Status Pre-Alpha
Related Work Master Thesis of Christoph Lipphart;
Date Oct. 2013 - now

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