Lawn Wars

Welcome to your personal garden! Tauten your catapult and destroy the garden of your neighbour!


On a sunny summer day two neighbours cannot keep calm and have to argue. Each is envious of the other garden. But both have setup a huge catapult to destruct the others garden.

Game Play

Lawn Wars is a local network multiplayer game. After two games were connected each of the player can build its garden. The number of objects are limited by an money which has to be completly spend. The size of the garden is 8 x 8 and the duty to spend the whole money for objects effects the same initial position of both players. The hedge between the garden prevents one neighbour to see the position of the objects of the other garden. So each of the player has to guess where each object is placed.

After one shot the player immediately notices if it was a hit or a flop. An empty caldera indicates the flop. A red cross reports a hit. The sound design also differences between the winning and loosing condition.

After a whole trinket was destroyed it becomes visible.

Garden trinkets

  • Plotted plant (1x1)
  • Holly statue (1x1)
  • Grill (2x1)
  • Fountain (1x2)
  • Wind power station (1x2)
  • Garden bench (1x3)
  • Summer house (2x2)
  • Sunflowers (4x1)
  • Green house (5x1)
  • Runlet (1x5)


The goal of Lawn Wars is to destruct all objects of the opponent and your neighbours garden is an acient ruin.

Accomplished Missions


  • Complete Programming in Visual Basic
  • Network communication between client and server
  • Gameplay and game logic
  • Sprite Sheet Animations
Game Infos
Platform Windows
Language Visual Basic
Date 2009
Status Finished
Project Members
Programming Christoph Lipphart
Art/Animation Thomas Pechtl

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