Elements is a funny 2D platform game. You have to guide the character through dangerous mountains and dark woods always looking for the magical torch which has to be sparked to defend the Aztecan island against the forces of evil.


To master the way the player has to change the element of the character from time to time to survive all the dangers of the jungle. Each element – fire, stone, water and air – has different properties. The stone is for example slower and heavier than the fire, but it has the ability to destroy stone walls.


In our previous project, we had no level creator and had to write all the level files into txt files. This was a lot of work, therefore we decided to create an in-game level editor for elements. This makes it possible to easily and quickly create new levels or modify existing levels at runtime. The levels can also be tested immediately, which has the big advantage that you can prevent creating too difficult levels or levels you can never succeed in by just testing them by your own. The editor is just a 'Tab' click away!

Elements Editor 1.1It includes all the functionalities for creating levels: creating, deleting, scaling, and moving one or several objects at once on different layers. It is also possible to change the zOrder of a rendered object. The powerful undo and redo commands as well as the zooming and 'quick moving' features allow comfortable level creation. 



elements-flamy.pngThe character runs automatically, but may change it's direction when colliding with specifiic objects. The player can jump using the space bar and can change the element also by key input (WASD). Currently only the element stone and fire are implemented. The idea is that every element has unique properties. The fire is quicker and lighter than the stone. It survives the dangerous stone crasher, but it will dy when it walks through a waterfall. The heavy stone is powerful enough to destroy stone walls, but nobody is safe from the hungry carnivorous plant!

Further DevelopmentThis game was also used as basis for other projects.

Christoph Lipphart uses Elements as showcase for his second screen application SeccoPlay

Angelika Bugl has included a metrics tracking suite and asks questions based on the metrics directly in the game for evaluating the level design.

Our Responsibilities


  • Entities and their physical representation
  • Level Reading, Loading and Saving
  • Interfaces for the editor for selecting, creating, manipulating and deleting entities
  • Collision Management
  • Game & World States


  • Player Controls
  • Input Handling
  • Level Editor
    • Complex layer based system; each layer has its own parallax effect and can be set invisible or half transparent
    • Undo-Redo functionality
    • Selection and Manipulation of multiple objects at once
  • Second Screen Integration with SeccoPlay
Game Infos
Language C++
Platform Windows, Android, Mac OS X, iOS
Date 2013
Status in development
Genre Platformer
Game Engine xis-engine
Project Members

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