Bubble Shooter Extended

Bubble Shooter Extended means more than just a bubbly, top-quality gaming experience. It also means special bubbles like jokers or explosive bubbles and the brand-new puzzle-mode, where you have to sweep down all bubbles, which can be very tricky. Bubble-Shooter Extended is the new Bubble Shooter for everyone who wants a good-looking and pleasant to play Bubble-Shooter Version for their Samsung Wave Mobile Phone.


We couldn’t find a good bubble shooter game for bada and therefore decided to create our own version. We did not only want to create the classic game but also added our own puzzle version and new extreme bubbles to make it even more fun.


The game has three different modes:  the classic mode, the extreme mode and the puzzle mode. The extreme mode extends the classic mode with extreme bubbles, for example the explosion bubble and the crazy bubble (joker). You can also choose the difficulty of the game, which is defined by the number of different colours of the bubbles.


It was very important to us to make the game <emph>feel<emph> really good. We did not want to create a static game, but a dynamic game, which also looks good. Therefore Christoph created animated bubbles in the 3D editing program Autodesk Maya.

Some more infos …

The animations were included using a texture atlas. To safe memory space we texturized the colours directly in the game. Therefore we used two layers, the base layer, which would be colorized and another layer which showed the animated highlights on the bubbles and which was the same color (mainly white) for every bubble.

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Bubble Shooter Extendedfor Samsung Wave I and II

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DocumentationSystem and User Documentation

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Our Responsibilities


  • Level design of the puzzle levels
  • High score system
  • Level manager


  • Bubble shooting algorithm
    • lets bubbles smoothly fit into holes
    • bouncing behaviour of touched bubbles
    • calculation of the physics and collisons of bubbles
Game Infos
Genre Puzzle
Platform bada
Language bada C++
Game Engine xis-engine
Status finished
Date March 2011 - June 2011
Project Members

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