Betreten verboten!

„Betreten Verboten“ (german, meaning access denied) is an action multiplayer game implemented in Java. In the heights of a skyscraper construction site two opponents are throwing knifes and hammers at each other, trying to plunge the other into the depths.


Late at night the hard-working construction manager wants to finish its hard work day, when he suddenly recognizes a dark person climbing to the top of the half done skyscraper. That’s of course something the committed builder can’t accept! Strong-willed to defend its territory, he hurries to climb onto the scaffolding himself to fight against the invader.


The game is played on one computer using the keyboard. Each player has a short range and a long range weapon, which are a little bit different for each character. The knife of the thief is for example more dangerous than the builder’s hammer. We also added power-ups to the game – little candies in different colors which have various effects. Eating those specials can get you one extra life, fill up your life points, make you jump higher or make you go left when you press the button for going right to mention just a few. If a player has no more energy or falls down from the high building the life counter is decreased. When one of the players has no more lifes left the other one wins. 

To measure which really is the better player a counter displays the number of victories each player achieved. To make the gameplay fit everybodies needs we added some possibilities to customize the game. The players can seperately select their character, this makes it for example also possible to let two thiefs (with different colors) play against each other. To support different playstyles it is also possible to select how many lifes the players have at the beginning and to control the number of created powerups.


The game controls for both players are on the same keyboard. While player 1 uses the keys WASD as movement controllers, player two uses the arrow keys. Both players can eighter box (player 1 with 'n', player 2 with '1') or use their long range weapon (player 1 with 'm' and player 2 with '2') to fight against the opponent. 
If anyone needs a quick sit-down, the space bar can help to pause the game.


Betreten Verboten!for Windows x86 - german


Betreten Verboten!for Windows x64 - german, unfortunately without sound



Download (german)

Our Responsibilities


  • Physics (Java library phys2D)


  • Rendering using OpenGL (Java library Jogl
  • Font Rendering using sprite sheets
  • Sprite Sheet Animations
  • VisionFont: Font texture creator written in Visual Basic
Game Infos
Genre Multiplayer, Beat’ em up
Platform Windows
Language Java
Game Engine xis-engine
Status finished
Date Oct. 2010 - Feb. 2011
Project Members
Programming Angelika Bugl
Christoph Lipphart
Sound / Music Stefan Irndorfer
Art/Animation Florian Wimmer

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