Master of Science in Engineering

... since 2014

Since 2009 we were studying at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Upper Austria. We made our Bachelors of Science in Mediatechnology- and Design where we got in touch with lots of different technologies and subject areas. We worked with audio software, made small video clips, created 2D and 3D animations, learned a little bit about marketing, took some design courses and - of course - learned how to program. This was what we practised the most in our term projects, when we developed games in small groups (about 2-4 students).


We trained our skills in different programming languages including JavaScript, PHP, Java and especially C++. Our curiosity led us to the creation of our own game engine, the xis-engine, which grew and changed with every new game project we started.

Interactive Media

University-of-Applied-Sciences-Emblem.jpg After three years of studying and creating games we decided that this was not enough and applied for the master program Interactive Media. We focused on games and took amongst others courses in Gameart and LevelDesign, Game Architecture and Mobile Games
Our master's thesis also covered game related topics such as second screen for games and an in-game evaluation tool for our platform game Elements.