Cross platform

Cross platform using xis-engine 2

More possibilities and flexibility

We offer top quality cross platform gaming experiences and are not limited to any platform. Our main goal for the implentation of the xis-engine 2 was to reach iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X. But our C++ in-house game engine is also extendable to any other architecture supporting C++.


In 2010 we created our first java game. To find out how a game engine could actually work, we decided to build our own small game environment using Jogl, the OpenGL library for Java, OpenAL and phys2d for the physic calculation. We finished our game Betreten Verboten! for Windows. But when we tried to run it on Mac OS X we discovered a major problem caused by the usage of Jogl.

Spring 2011

In 2011 we were fascinated of the idea of creating a mobile game for the (at that time) new operating system Samsung bada. We rewrote our system to C++ and created and published BubbleShooter Extended.

Autumn 2011

In the autumn we wanted to create a rather complicated RPG game, which required the input possibilities of a computer which lead us to the windows C++ version of our engine.


In 2013 we started our first cross-platform game, which was developed on Windows (in Visual Studio) as well as on Mac OS X (using XCode). It was a sidescroller, which was originally developed for Android phones, where it used the accelerometer for controlling the main character called Glub.

From this time on, our engine was extendible for other platforms as well. The first game which was also built for iOS was some month later Grimoire.

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