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2d Platformer in
a Historic Maya World
Master the Traps
by Changing your Element
we develop with our
In-House Game Engine
written in C++, Lua embedded
Sidescroller, Multiplayer, RPG, Mobile, ... Immerse yourself in the world of games!


During our studies we have created a couple of different games. At the same time our game engine was developed and grew and changed with every game we created and every new platform we developed for. 
Here you can find a short overview including short descriptions what the games and projects were mainly about.

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Hello London!

After we finished our Master of Science in 2014 we started our professional career in the UK's game industry. Here, in Bromley, a large suburban town which is part of Greater London, we are improving our skills in different languages including C++, Python, ActionScript and of course English.

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We, Angelika Bugl and Christoph Lipphart both finished our Masters of Science in Engineering in 2014.
We studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg. First, we made our Bachelors in Mediatechnology and -design and subsequently we continued with Interactive Media.
This gives us a broad knowledge of lots of media and games related topics.

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Cross platform

We offer top quality cross platform gaming experiences and are not limited to any platform. Our main goal for the implentation of the xis-engine 2 was to reach iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X.
But our C++ in-house game engine is also extendable to any other architecture supporting C++.

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Featured GamesCheck out our latest developments!

RIZE: Zombies

Christoph Lipphart, iOS, At Marmalade Game Studio


Angelika Bugl, Christoph Lipphart, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows


Angelika Bugl, Christoph Lipphart, iOS, Mac OS, Windows

Bubble Shooter Extended

Angelika Bugl, Christoph Lipphart, bada

Betreten verboten!

Angelika Bugl, Christoph Lipphart, Windows


Angelika Bugl, Christoph Lipphart, Android, Mac OS, Windows

Jaro and the Myth of the Blue Diamond

Angelika Bugl, Christoph Lipphart, Windows

Swat the Fly

Angelika Bugl, Christoph Lipphart, Android, iOS

Bank Robby

Angelika Bugl, Christoph Lipphart, Windows

Painting for Inmates

Christoph Lipphart, iOS, Windows


Angelika Bugl, Christoph Lipphart, Mac OS, Windows

Circle Run

Angelika Bugl, Christoph Lipphart, Mac OS, Windows

Lawn Bomber

Christoph Lipphart, Windows

Lawn Wars

Christoph Lipphart, Windows

4 Motion

Christoph Lipphart, Windows

Who we are

Angelika Bugl Angelika Bugl is from Upper Austria. Since she found her passion for programming at university, she always aims to create games which offer the best user experience possible and a funny and engaging gameplay. More about Angelika  
Christoph Lipphart Christoph Lipphart is from Styria, Austria. He likes to play video games since fighting agains the Bowser in Super Mario at the Super Nintendo. Now he wants to create those challenges by himself and let others defy his games. More about Christoph